Block Parties

Block Party Rexburg is founded on a simple concept, neighbors who know each other makes for a stronger, safer neighborhood. The idea started in 1999 with a grant opportunity from the Madison School District and the Rexburg Police Department. Today, we are providing residents throughout Rexburg the support they need to connect to their neighbors and their community. Block Party Rexburg is able to provide block party planning and support to help citizens know how to make their neighborhoods safer. We believe every neighborhood block should be able to experience true community.

In 2015 we will be conducting block parties from June 1st through August 28th.  You will need to provide a minimum of one week notice and parties will be scheduled on a first come first served basis (have alternate days ready).  If you live in Rexburg city limits stop by the Police Department to start the application and schedule your party!

If you live outside Rexburg city limits you may contact Madison County Sheriff's Office at 208-356-5426.

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                   Permission for use may be obtained by contacting the Rexburg Police Department at:
                   25 East Main Street                                       or                            Phone 208-359-3000
                   Rexburg, Idaho 83440                                                          
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