Hunter Safety Classes

The State of Idaho requires that anyone who wants to hunt must have a Hunting license. To get a Hunting license a person must complete a Hunters Education class. Firearm Instructors from the Rexburg Police Department will be offering the Hunter Education Course. The class is 12 hours of class presentation with a certified Hunters Education instructor. The range day is an opportunity to demonstrate safe gun handling skills and have hands on instruction on gun safety. A person can sign up starting at 10 years old.

Rexburg Police Department will be offering Safety Education Courses to the public starting in April. Training will consist of classroom education at the Rexburg Police Department and at the Police Department Range. The registration is completed on the Fish and Game web page. A person can use a credit or debit card to pay the $8.00 for the class. This will put the person on the class list.

Typically the class will run for 4 class days. Each day will run for 3 hours and the field day will be the last class day and ends with the final book test and the field day final. The class dates and times will be posted with the IDFG for that month. Signup will be available approximatly one week before classes start.

The Rexburg Police Department has made great efforts to improve our range. There is a modular classroom to accommodate training at the range. The range will also have a new target system installed this spring. We feel it is important to teach gun safety to anyone who owns a gun and wants to learn more about shooting and safety. For any questions about the class contact Idaho Fish and Game in Idaho Falls or go to for dates on class postings.

If you’re interested go to the Fish and Game web site,, click Hunter and Bowhunter Education Registration , click on Instructor-led Course and then register online and select the Rexburg Course.*

*Signup will be available approximatly one week before classes start.

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