Rape Aggression Defense Systems (R.A.D.)

R.A.D. Instructors

Basic Physical Defense For Women
Rape Aggression Defense Systems

The R.A.D. Systems Basic Physical Defense Instructional Objective “To develop and enhance the options of self-defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked” Lawrence N. Nadeau; R.A.D. Systems Founder

Empowering Women Through Self Defense

1. Education
2. Dependency on Self
3. Decision Making Responsibility
4. Self-Realization of Physical Power

For over 21 years R.A.D. Systems has been creating opportunities for women to realize their inner power and strength. Over 900,000 women have been taught.

R.A.D. believes that what is important is not a volume of knowledge, but the ability to apply what you know.

The Cornerstone of R.A.D. Systems, this course has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities. Classes range from a minimum of nine to twelve hours plus in length, depending on the Instructor.

You are responsible for your own safety

If you are interested in the R.A.D. Systems course, please fill out and submit this form:

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R.A.D. is only for women ages 12 and older.


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