Adoptable Animals

Many animals are available for adoption at the Rexburg Animal Shelter. These are loving animals that are just looking for good homes.   Shelter animals are incredibly adoptable, most are already potty trained and some are obedience trained, they will have been immunized and will either be spayed/neutered, or have provisions made to be spayed/neutered. Much of this is made possible by donations of time, money and effort. The Rexburg Animal Shelter does require you to help pay for the services provided to help more animals get spayed/neutered and have necessary medical treatment.   The regular cost of adoption is $95+ for a dog (includes spay or neuter, vaccination, microchip and Rexburg city license) and $75 for a cat (includes spay or neuter, vaccination)

Please use the selections below to search all the adoptable animals at the Rexburg Animal Shelter by species, gender and age.

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